How about the business of wholesale used shoes?

//How about the business of wholesale used shoes?

How about the business of wholesale used shoes?

Wholesale used shoes

Paired and banded wholesale second-hand shoes

used-shoes-for-bulk-sellWe buys and sells a level of salvage and used shoes. This includes a mix of men, women, children and sneakers. Women’s shoes do not include high heels above 2 inches. Damaged footwear, winter and rubber boots, slippers, slippers, ice and roller skates were removed. We work with a number of wholesale suppliers who own the original donated shoes. Bank&Vogue buys and sells used shoes, and voucher shoes are still in resale status. Used paired shoes are packed in large bags or caps. We buy and sell all and part of the paired shoes, and part of the load can be used as part of the combined load. Pairs of shoes filled with shoes or shoe bags can result in a container load of approximately 30,000 pounds. Paired footwear is also packaged in domestically shipped gaylords with a minimum target weight of 17,000 pounds.

We buy wholesale second-hand shoes

As importers and exporters, we can also buy and sell fully loaded single shoes. For suppliers, this product offers opportunities to reduce waste costs and increase revenue. This level is similar to our pair of footwear products and usually does not include over 2 inches of high heels, rubber boots and flip-flops.

Single shoes are preferably packaged in large bags because they support heavier loads and are more demanding. Fully loaded shoes filled with shoes or shoe bags may produce approximately 30,000 pounds of cargo for export market use only. We work directly with North American packaging companies to provide large packaging if needed. The Bank&Vogue team can provide further assistance to support the collection and classification of individual shoes. Contact us today to begin your sales process.

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Bulk old used shoes supplier

Second-hand shoes wholesale

As the logistics leader in the global used goods business, Bank&Vogue can source bulk shoes and promote their sales. For many of our global customers, single shoe products offer more opportunities for the local market. We sell and ship to a wide customer base across the globe, covering many types of wholesalers and retailers.

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Make the most of our product portfolio and knowledge to get the best price with the best quality second-hand shoes. We are committed to providing you with a premier buying experience. Because we work with suppliers and buyers, we know the ins and outs of the old shoe business. Contact Bank&Vogue and chat with our friendly representatives – we will answer any questions you may have and start buying wholesale second-hand shoes.

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used shoes

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